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Halloween - 4 ingredient no bake One eyed Balls and little Pumpkin Balls

​I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween. Seriously, where did the year go? And, we have our building's annual Halloween party tomorrow. I am coordinating all the food for the potluck event, so of course, it wouldn't be right if I did not bring something. But, between today and tomorrow I only had a couple of hours to spare where I could actually prepare something, have it look decently Halloweenish and taste good.

I decided right away that it would have to be something sweet, simply because I love sweets. And then I remembered the super easy no bake Oreo Balls that I had made at some point last year. I rushed to the grocery store, picked up a package of Oreos, cream cheese and some sprinkles, and I was ready to go.

My 3 ingredient One Eyed Balls and little Pumpkin balls are super delicious and I can't wait for all the kids (and adults of course) to try them tomorrow.

You need to crush your Oreo cookies for this recipe. I simply stuff mine in a large ziploc bag and then pretty much bang it with a rolling pin. Works well and a great way to let all your stress out too.

You also need softened cream cheese. I honestly don't have time to soften it up, so I prefer using Philadelphia's Whipped Cream Cheese - it is super soft and works great.


One 8 oz tub/package of cream cheese (softened)

36 Oreo Cookies - finely crushed

Sprinkles - Orange, Chocolate, Green or other halloween colors and Eye Candy

Simply mix the crushed oreos and cream cheese in a ball until it is of a nice dough like consistency. Take small amounts and form little balls (I was able to make about 40).

Then take each ball, stick an eye candy (you could use M&M's) and then roll it in the sprinkles.

And that's it!! YOU ARE DONE!!

I also dabbed some balls in Orange sprinkles and used some green string like candy for the stem to form little pumpkins.


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